Yes, I confess, it is mysterious. There are all types waiting for the elevator. Everybody is busy not looking @ each other. Some more nervous than others. But all nervous. A few are leaders & manipulators. They call me "Sir" Some stare off looking @ the numbers, waiting for their floor. It seems to be in everyone: The Virus of Insecurity...Wanting to be liked. Afraid of looking vulnerable. The young boy with the sleeveless shirt & the baseball cap has already adopted an air of apathy. He is working on mastering the Art of Looking Away, rolling his eyes & sighing. What could be less interesting than waiting with his fat little friend who still thinks the world is fair & people do things because those are the rules. & Friend watches the glowing green button of the second floor wide-eyed & waiting. Waiting. But already Baseball Cap is walking away...looking for the stairs. After all, he can't be expected to wait so long for an elevator. now that a crowd is gathering. A family of four. Mom & Dad nervously laughing as their youngest says over & over..."I like el-uh-vaders, maybe this one is broken, I think this one is broken". Mom has dropped back now behind Dad & is watching Baseball Cap & Friend walk away. Maybe they know something? Maybe they are right & Dad? Well he looks hungry & his hair is wet. They all have wet hair. Showers, yes, then breakfast. Free breakfast & everyone is there. The lobby is an explosion of everybody on their way. Now we don't have to talk. Now we don't have to speak. There is food & televisions with news & eggs & bacon & Froot Loops & milk & coffee & I'm next, I'm fucking next & outside the goddamn freeway.