In the corner seat by the food machine, I am 3/4 through the book. The Clutters are dead. Smith & Hickock captured. Smith on a hunger strike. Hickock makes friends with Lowell Lee Andrews. Front page of The Post...ghastly images. A hooded figure with a knife(why are they always hooded?) . A man on his knees. The photos are sequential. For some reason I want to see them backwards. On the Television...of course there is a Television. There is more than one Television, there are two Televisions. On the Television(both of them) panic in the streets...riots, looting, mayhem, clubs, boots, smoke...rubber bullets? Yes, let's say rubber bullets. A scene in which one man is tackled by many men. It is one side against the other. one has something the other wants. One wants what has been taken. One wants to keep what it has.There are more than two sides. The machines whir all around me. There is not enough water & soap to get anything clean.