Spike & I walked a mile in the woods. We found a river. I wanted to turn back, but Spike wouldn't let me. We forged ahead. Thunder. The sky waited. Melanie was waiting when we returned. We haven't been here a week & she already had a job interview. We made dinner. Then it came. Buckets. Sheets. Waves. I wandered from room to room. No leaks. The roof is solid. Suddenly, that is all that matters. We left the windows open where we could. The temperature finally dropped. It was unexpected...@ least for me. All day everybody talked about it. I didn't believe it. It didn't matter what I believed. This world is green & rough. It has a way of doing things. This morning it is still raining. Gently now. The wind is cool & blows the trees & shakes the water from the leaves. Applause. Silence. More rain. Wind. Applause. This world has a way of doing things.