We have traveled far. I have seen so many things I have never seen. I have done so much this past year or two. more than I have ever done, really. I have to confess, today I am tired. I was tired yesterday & today I am still. Again the feeling of uncertainty washes over me. That feeling of, "What happens next?" The only thing to do, is to do what is right in front of me. I will pack up the car & the trailer. I will take Spike for a walk. Melanie will punch in our destination & we hill hit the road. What happens next is not up to me. I can only do so much. I can "plan" & I can "want" but I have little control of the outcome. I can only head in a direction. I can only try my best & I don't always do that. Or, maybe I do? I don't know today. I am @ a loss. Today I will trust the process.