Today Melanie & I put all of our belongings into a trailer hitched to the back of our jeep. Everything else has been placed, kindly, thoughtfully, into the alley. North Park, San Diego now has the most well-read homeless(I have painfully departed with half of my book collection). It will be a long day, no doubt. Once this day is done, we begin a new chapter. First thing tomorrow morning we leave San Diego for good & head North. The first leg of the trip begins where it all started: Fresno. We will spend a few days there regrouping with family & friends. Then, July 3 is the first of a few shows we have set up along the way. Sacramento, Ca. The Torch Club. Hopefully nobody from the past will show up & ask me to leave. Like all days, there is no way of knowing what will happen next...stay tuned for details. peace. mxd